1. Message:  In Exodus 34 Moses went back up to the mountain to have the ten commandments remade after he destroyed them. God allowed Moses to experience the frustration with the people that he himself felt when they were down there worshipping a golden calf. After Moses had begged God to reconsider in destroying them, he had felt the same anger and frustration come over him and had destroyed the ten commandments. Now he was with God again and God was calming him. What really caught my attention here is that now Moses was begging God to travel with them!
  2. Command:  Don’t walk it out alone!
  3. Promise: God will walk it our with us if we ask him to
  4. Warning: Isolation brings fear. Don’t go it alone!
  5. Application: As I read through this I thought of all the times I was dreading what I had to walk though and asking God to walk through it with me. I’ve told God that I can handle whatever he requires of me as long as I know he is with me. This couldn’t be more true as I face new things even right now. I don’t have to know the plan ahead. I just need to know that God is walking through it with me and guiding each step of the way. Even if the plan is that I do nothing, I have peace because God is with me and when it’s time to move he will tell me.

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