Name Your Price

  1. Message: In John 19 Pilate has Jesus flogged to try to appease the Jewish leaders. He questioned Jesus but he brought him back outside where the Jewish leaders were waiting and told them he found no legal grounds or charging him. The Jews were not happy about it and they argued that they had their own law that said he needed to die because “he made himself the son of God”. Something I never noticed before was that Pilate was more afraid than ever by this statement. His wife had previously warned him that she had a dream and to have nothing to do with charging Jesus and now the Jews were trying to get him to give the execution sentence. He told them to do it themselves, but they pulled a political move on him. They made it about Jesus being a king and threatened his allegiance to Caesar if he didn’t do something about it. This is the move that pushed him over the edge and made him give in to their manipulative plan.
  2. Command: Don’t let anything have so much priority that it threatens our faithfulness to God.
  3. Promise: Everything that happened there was prophesied and confirmed. We have the advantage of seeing it all in scripture.
  4. Warning: Anything that we hold high in value becomes a potential stumbling block to our faith.
  5. Application: As I read this I saw that Pilate was really uncomfortable with the whole situation. He wanted none of it and after his wife had a dream and then he heard the words that Jesus spoke he was actually afraid. But his fear of political consequences was bigger. He compromised his better judgment to preserve his political position. We all have the danger of doing that. Pilate didn’t have a relationship with Jesus like we do, but if there are things in our lives that pull on us we will find ourselves tempted to give in no matter how much we say Jesus is our priority. We have to check ourselves that we don’t allow relationships, jobs, status or anything else to have a stronger pull on us than Jesus, or we will cave under pressure and compromise our faith.

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