Mountain Moving Confirmation

  1. Message: Today as I read Mark 11 I came across the story of Jesus telling his disciples to go into town and they would find a colt tied up. They were to untie it and if anyone were to ask them about it they were to say “the Lord has need of it and will return it”. Knowing that the gospels contain most of the same stories told by different people I decided to go back into Matthew where that same story is told. It wasn’t too long ago that we read it there. In Matthew 21 it says that this happened in order to fulfill the prophecy that described Jesus riding on a donkey. As I re-read this I realized that not only was the story told to fulfill prophecy, but it was done repeatedly throughout the gospels. This established multiple witnesses. After reading all of that I came across the story where Jesus cursed the fig tree and then after they walked past it told them they could move mountains if they were to speak it with faith and have no doubt OR unforgiveness toward anyone.
  2. Command: speak to the mountains we need removed.
  3. Promise: God is faithful to move the mountains we speak to if we speak it in faith.
  4. Warning: We can’t have any unforgiveness in our hearts when we speak to the mountains.
  5. Application: I have read this passage about moving mountains more times than I even know but deep down carried a sense of skepticism and believed that this is only for certain situations. I found myself pushing side things I want God to do in my life and somehow disqualifying them. Before I read this passage today I had prayed a very specific prayer about a situation in my life. I honestly poured out my heart and talked with God about my skepticism and my confusion on how to pray for it. I asked him to show me what was right. Then shortly after I read the story about the colt and internalized the fact that Jesus made sure this prophecy was confirmed more than once to establish the validity of the prophecy and to erase any doubt of it’s truth. By the time I got to the mountain moving story I knew that was God speaking to me about my situation. This was the answer to the prayer I prayed earlier. Where I was afraid to speak out such a bold statement and demand that this mountain be removed, I felt the confirmation in both stories allowed this truth to give me boldness. I prayed again and asked God to show me any unforgiveness in my life. I prayed for the people involved (including myself) and then I spoke to that mountain. I didn’t yell at it. I simply spoke it and I know that the authority comes from Jesus and he has allowed me to speak in his name. Like the fig tree that Jesus cursed, I will also see the destruction of this mountain.

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