It Was Necessary

  1. Message: The betrayal of Jesus was necessary for the plan, but it still had natural consequences on everyone involved.
  2. Promise: Everyone who drinks of the blood will confirm the covenant between God and his people.
  3. Warning: “How terrible it will be for the one who betrays him. It would be far better for that man if he were never born”.
  4. Application: As I read about Judas’s plot and betrayal I couldn’t help but think about how necessary it was for this to happen. Even though God knew it would happen, and even though it was necessary there were still consequences. Jesus warned ahead that it would be devastating to the betrayer. This definitely proved to be true. In my head I heard the commonly used quote “everything happens for a reason”. I personally hate that quote, but what I believe to be true is that negative things happen in our lives. They contribute to our growth and are necessary but they still very much carry the weight of consequences. This was real for Judas and it’s real in our lives too.

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