Determined to Suffer

  1. Message: In Acts 22 Paul had been accused by an angry mob, turned over to the government and beaten until he told them he was a Roman citizen. He stood before them and tried his hardest to relate to them by speaking in the Hebrew language and sharing his testimony. He shared his whole story, reminding them that he once stood accusing and punishing believers just like they were doing. As he shared the details of his salvation he spoke about God telling him from the beginning to get out of Jerusalem because they would not accept his testimony.
  2. Command: Heed the warnings God gives me.
  3. Promise: God will not leave us even when we allow our determination to take over.
  4. Warning: God will warn us but he won’t stop us.
  5. Application: We know that Paul had been warned numerous times to stay away from Jerusalem and God had blessed his ministry to the Gentiles but Paul was so determined that he went anyway and he suffered greatly for it. This isn’t to say that God wasn’t with him and didn’t bless his work, but he suffered hard through all of it just as he was warned. I think sometimes we get so determined for something and in spite of warnings from those who love us, we suffer exactly what we were warned about. God doesn’t leave us alone in these situations and he certainly blesses what we do in his name. We just suffer as a result of our determination and God won’t stop us from doing it.

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