Wisdom Speaks

Message: Wisdom calls out to me and provokes me to do not only what is right, but what is beneficial. Wisdom is not only an attribute of who God is, but it is the part of him that guides me beyond just basic obedience. It takes me past the shallow thinking of “is it right or wrong” or “what can I get away with” immaturity into a deeper level of maturity. It holds me responsible for higher levels of character and demands that I crucify my flesh to be more like Jesus.

Command:  Listen to the voice of wisdom, and pursue after it when it seems elusive.

Promise: If I listen to the voice of wisdom, my life will prosper.

Warning: If I ignore wisdom my life will not only be a wreck, but it will be difficult and I will not mature.

Application: This feels like a no-brainer but it reminds me that sometimes wisdom is elusive and what I think is wisdom may not be. I need to pray through things to make sure what I am doing or thinking is the right thing so that I’m not just deceived and following my own worldly wisdom.

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