Wisdom Reservoirs

  1. Message:  In 1 Corinthians 2 Paul is talking about wisdom, but he is reminding us that there is a natural wisdom that comes from maturity and experience, and there is a spiritual wisdom that only comes from the Holy Spirit. We know Paul as bold and persuasive so it was interesting to me how he described his first encounter with them as fearful, weak and without persuasion. He was telling them that the power of his testimony came through the Holy Spirit and not from him. He spoke further about how spiritual wisdom will only be revealed to those who are looking for it. Nobody knows the mind of God. We know the things he reveals to us by his Spirit, but the unbeliever is resistant and does not accept spiritual things because he sees it as foolish. Our own wisdom is like water in a reservoir. It’s helpful, but it has been sitting a while and really only benefits ourselves and those we share it with. God’s wisdom is like fresh rain. It’s refreshing, clean and pours out on anyone who wants to receive it.
  2. Command: Seek the wisdom of the Holy Spirit before we draw from the wisdom we have obtained through our own personal experiences.
  3. Promise: If we seek God for wisdom he will reveal it to us!
  4. Warning:  If we don’t seek God first, we have a tendency to draw from our own experiences and assume we are acting in wisdom. We can’t see God’s wisdom if we aren’t looking for it and our own pride will actually resist the wisdom of God if we think we already have the answer.
  5. Application:  As I read this I thought about how quickly we tend to develop an opinion or insert our own human wisdom about important matters. Everyone has an opinion these days and wants to share it loudly. Even as believers we have to be careful about what kind of wisdom we are drawing from. We can all speak from our personal experiences and perspectives, but what is GOD speaking, and have we even stopped to ask him? During my walk this morning I was praying about this feeling I have been having like there was an obstruction between me and someone I care about. I had been rolling around all kinds of thoughts and ideas in my head about what I should say to communicate this, but instead I asked God to evaluate my thoughts and shed light on them so that any imaginations would be exposed and dissipate, and anything that was really there would be exposed and handled. I’m so thankful that God stopped me from drawing on my own “wisdom” because I am often wrong in my perceptions of a situation when my feelings are involved. Things like this can’t be seen with human wisdom. These are things that can only be revealed by the Holy Spirit and we can do a lot of damage by assuming we have the answer. No matter how much natural wisdom and relationship experience we have, we need the Holy Spirit to navigate us through everything. My challenge to myself is to stop before I give an answer to anyone (including myself) and ask God what he would want to show me about situations. Natural wisdom that we have gained through experience is important and we need it, but before we draw on our own tank of wisdom we need to seek the wisdom discerned by the Holy Spirit because it is life giving!

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