Thrifty Decorating

Craft Room Collage

One of my favorite things to do is shop thrift stores and find potential treasure. When the time came for me to set up and decorate my craft room, the challenge was on! I knew I wanted it super girly but very elegant. All of the furniture and décor pictured here (with the exception of my sewing desk and the cube drawers) was found at thrift stores, roadside bulk trash or craigslist freebies. I painted all of the furniture and LOTS of the décor items in an antique white chalk paint ( homemade for VERY cheap, of course). After all, when you’re cheap, uhhh “budget conscious” like I am, then Annie Sloan’s paint is just out of the question! Once I had established a nice matching theme I started adding splashes of light color on some of the items as accents but stayed with colors with a grey undertone to keep everything in the same color palette. My favorite part of this room is the purple bench seat next to my desk. This is the hang out spot for my kids and (just as often) my dogs while I’m in there working.


Update!! My son asked me to switch rooms with him so he could have the walk-in closet that my craft room had. If you follow me on Instagram you saw this makeover happen but this is my new craft room. I still have a similar setup with my bench seat so that my kids, dogs, birds (yes I have parakeets chattering away in here too) and even our new kitty can hang out with me in my happy place. My husband pokes his head in here but he is happy to spend time in manlier territory. He has a hunting/fishing outdoorsman room of his own, and well there’s the garage because that’s where the tools are. This is my husband’s man cave, which I also decorated with my super thrifty skills. My husband is a flyfisherman and he ties his own flies so this room has his fly-tying desk with all of his supplies in it.  This room is also used as our own cabin-like B&B for when our kids come home to stay with us. Feel free to admire the adorable ( I mean tough hunting dog) sleeping in the photo.



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