Supernatural Understanding

Message:  In Acts 2 the disciples obediently sat in that upper room waiting for the promise. Jesus had ascended and the only promise they were thinking about was the promise that the Messiah would come and take back Jerusalem. They prayed together in unity and the Holy Spirit came in like a violent wind and they all spoke in other languages. This caught the attention of everyone in the city. Some sneered at it but something even bigger happened. Peter, who was hiding and lying about his association with Jesus just a few chapters ago spike boldly to the crowds of people. He reminded them of the prophecies that were known among the Jews and he pointed them to Jesus. Hearts were convicted and 3000 people were added to the faith that day. As I read this I couldn’t help but think about this drastic change in Peter. Peter was always the bold one. He said whatever came to his mind and that revealed what was driving him. On the mountaintop experience he revealed that Jesus was Christ the Messiah. Jesus confirmed and said that flesh and blood had not revealed this to him. This was something that could only be revealed by the Holy Spirit. A few chapters later Peter spoke and Jesus was rebuking Satan for his influence. Now we see Peter filled with the Holy Spirit but his boldness was different this time. He was speaking with clear understanding of who Jesus was. He quoted prophecies and pointed to what they were seeing. This was a revelation of understanding that they had not experienced before. When Jesus was speaking in parables they had struggled to understand them. Now the light was turned on and Peter understood like he had never understood before. This is what the Holy Spirit does. He is often associated with miracles and supernatural things but he is also described as the comforter and teacher. The Holy Spirit reveals things to the hearts of man that no words could possibly convey. Peter didn’t sit down and have a conversation or read a book to gain all of that understanding. He followed Jesus and the Holy Spirit took those experiences and revealed a new understanding to him. I think this part is important though because we often want the Holy Spirit to work like a short cut to drop wisdom and knowledge on us without doing our part. We gain supernatural understanding when we spend time with Jesus. Ther eis no getting around that, but as we spend time in the word the Holy Spirit gives us understanding.

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