Stop Talking & Get To It!

Message/Application: This is a short little devotion but I didn’t see a point in fluffing it up with words.In Proverbs 14 I was reading through the contrasts between wisdom and foolishness, honesty and dishonesty. In the middle of it all was verse 23 that says: “There is profit in all hard work, but endless talk leads only to poverty”. As I read this, I thought about all of the things I have had on my forever to-do list. I have a list full of goals, dreams and good ideas. There are things on this mental list that I talk about (some of it I talk about only to myself) but intention alone doesn’t get things done. I have watched others complete some of the goals I have had in my own life, and though I have a pretty jam-packed schedule, I can’t truly and honestly say I use all of my time wisely. This scripture convicted my heart to write these things down, make up a plan and start taking steps to get these things done.

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