Shadow Box

2015-09-22 08.55.01

2015-09-22 09.15.39

Shadow boxes are fun to decorate with and even more fun to make. Any old picture frame can be attached to any box of any depth to create the perfect scene for your project. My favorite place to find items is at thrift stores where you can hunt for boxes of all sizes, textures and shapes and there are always plenty of old frames to try to find a size match. Keep in mind that the color doesn’t matter because you can dress it up with paint later.  If you’re really feeling crafty, you can pick up some wood pieces from the hardware store and build one yourself.

Once you have your supplies, just paint or texturize the inside of your box and let your creativity go for it. Don’t forget to clean the glass of your frame before you take that final step of securing it to the box with glue!

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