Ready Yourself

Message:  Be ready! Live a life of surrender, don’t fall in love with this life and anticipate the coming of the Lord.

Command:  Be ready and don’t look back.

Promise: The day of the Lord is coming.

Warning: Not everyone will be ready and aware when Jesus comes but when the time does come don’t look back!! Whoever chases after their lives will lose it!

Application:  We don’t know when Jesus will return. We have to be ready and watching at all times anticipating that the day could come at any time. Luke 17 reminds us that when Noah warned about the flood people were carrying on their normal daily events until Noah boarded the ark. The same was true when Lot and his family left, and will be true again when Jesus returns. We have definitely been given rewards and are intended to enjoy this life, but we can’t fall so in love with this life that we are distracted from our purpose and aren’t ready and aware when Jesus returns.

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