Obey Like Your Life Depends On It

  1. Message: In Acts 10 there is quite an orchestration going on by God, but each person sees only his own little part of it until it all comes together. What really amazed me here is that each of them had a vision/visitation encounter that would prepare them for something they would need later, and ultimately direct them to each other. They each had something different to learn from it and their obedience was critical. Cornelius already had a heart for God and a good reputation for his charitable acts toward Jews. He was a gentile who hadn’t heard the gospel yet. He sent for Peter and gathered his friends and family in preparation for what Peter would bring. He had no idea what that would be, but he obediently prepared for it. Peter was a Jew who had the gospel, but God was teaching him that the law had been fulfilled and he was to no longer abide by the previous commands to call certain things “unclean”. This included a lot of animals they had never been allowed to eat, but it also included association and fellowship with gentile people. Peter had no idea that God was preparing him to preach the gospel to gentiles and that he was literally going to send him to a gentile home where he would probably eat gentile food and share the gospel with people. He followed without question and if he needed anymore confirmation, God spontaneously baptized all of these gentiles in the Holy Spirit to show Peter that he was with them also.
  2. Command: Listen to the small things that God is speaking. Even if and especially if I don’t seem to have a full understanding. Every act of obedience is connected to something or someone else and it’s always bigger than all of us. We have no idea what God is orchestrating!
  3. Promise: God is constantly moving and working and he’s doing it all through us. Our obedience not only brings reward to us, but it blesses other people too.
  4. Warning: If we don’t obey in the little things we stop up or delay something God is trying to do through us.
  5. Application:  As I read how this all fit together I noticed that even though these directions probably seemed odd and very uncomfortable, both of them obeyed without question to what they were directed to do They didn’t sit on it for a while, question whether it was God, or delay anything. They took the tiny piece God spoke to them and acted on it. All of the pieces began coming together after the obedience. Not before and not even during. This really challenges me because I think so many times I hear a thought or an idea and just sit on it because I’m not sure, or it sounds weird, or it’s inconvenient, or so many things! What id wither of these men refused to move forward? What if Peter said, “no way! I’m not going to a gentile’s house!”. The salvation of all of those men would have been delayed. I don’t say lost because God would have gotten it done through someone else, but he would have had to orchestrate another plan If Peter hadn’t obeyed. Today I’m asking God to open my heart and tune my ears to pay attention to what the Holy Spirit is speaking to me. Help me to act even when it doesn’t make sense. Help me to obey God like someone’s life depends on it!

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