Miracles & Deplorables

  1. Message: Jesus didn’t come to support the agenda of the religious. He came to reveal himself to his people through signs and miracles, and to invite the most deplorable of sinners into salvation. He’s still doing the same thing today.
  2. Command: Follow me and be my disciple
  3. Promise: Our sins are forgiven
  4. Warning: We should be confident in our salvation, but not comfortable in our state.
  5. Application: Those who were the most religious had generations of prophetic warnings that they were taught about but yet they didn’t recognize Jesus and they were not moved even when they saw the signs and miracles. They were blinded by their own ambitions, crooked politics and agenda. The “deplorables” were deep in their sin when Jesus called them out but they recognized his power and authority immediately. My personal application of this is to remind myself that all my devotion to church, my good deeds and my obedience to scripture will mean nothing if I become so complacent that I don’t recognize when God is moving in our midst. We could potentially become as blind as the religious Jews were while actively serving, going to church, singing our worship songs, quoting scriptures and pursuing a personal platform in the church world. We will not recognize him as long as we are focused on looking like Christians instead of paying attention to the miracles going on around us. God is calling the “deplorables” and they are responding to his voice. Wake up Christians!

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