Loyally Blind

Message:  In Acts 9 Saul was full throttle at destroying the church. He had papers in hand giving him permission to take any man or woman who was part of the church and imprison them. On his way through he was literally blinded and knocked off his horse in an encounter with Jesus where he had a vision. This story is well known but I couldn’t help but sit with the irony that God had to blind him in order to give him the vision. Saul really believed he was working for God and he was locked in and fully committed until God stopped him. He was highly educated in the Jewish law so his blindness was not due to a lack of knowledge or a lack of commitment. What was missing was the relationship and heart of God. When Saul had an encounter with Jesus it changed everything. We are all capable of walking like Saul if we are biblically educated but not connected to the heart of God. This is both humbling and sobering. It reminds me of the importance of keeping my heart soft before God as I read and learn.

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