Leaders Never Stop Learning

Message/Application: In John 3, a man named Nicodemus was approaching Jesus with questions. He heard Jesus talking about being born again so he raised the question that sounds so naïve (and somewhat sarcastic) to us in our Bible educated understanding, but this was so new. He wanted to know how a grown man could possibly be born again so he asked whether a grown man would climb back into the womb of his mother. He didn’t understand that this was a spiritual rebirth and not a physical one. Jesus was used to fielding questions from other leaders and teachers, but he must have discerned the genuineness of his heart because his response to Nicodemus, who was also a teacher of the law, was different from the rest. Jesus answered his questions and Nicodemus continued coming to Jesus at night to ask his questions. What I really pulled from this was that the humility of Nicodemus to ask questions in spite of the expectation that as a teacher, he should have answers is what changed everything. This is a perfect example that we learn by continuing to ask questions and our status should never change this. We should always continue to learn and grow so we should never outgrow asking questions.

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