Infants to Giants

Message/Application: Reading John 17 I saw Jesus praying for his disciples as a spiritual covering a protector of those he was leading. He was praying for his 12 specifically and I saw a picture of what he was modeling to them. They were in the infancy stage of their faith walking with Jesus with their questions and a lack of understanding, but they would become not only strong men, but founding apostles who would lead churches all over. Jesus prayed for them with a tender heart and the deep conviction that not one of them would be lost or overcome except the one that would be the betrayer. As I read this I also thought about when Jesus told Peter that Satan had asked to sift him like wheat, but he had prayed for him. Peter still messed up, but he was far from being sifted. I’m encouraged as I read this, not only for what I can become because of the prayers of others, but for the people that are walking alongside me that I am praying for. Many of them are in the infancy stage of their faith but they will become powerhouses that will lead others. Jesus saw this in his 12 when they seemed more like children, and he sees this in me too.

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