Hiding In Plain Sight

Message:  Jesus was born in the least dignified place and hidden from those who would have been considered important. His birth was revealed and announced to those who were least worthy. Even though there were generations of prophesies about the coming of Messiah, those who were educated and anticipating him the most completely missed it. He was hiding in plain sight. Those who were not educated and waiting for him were given the honor and privilege to see him and welcome him.

Command:  Stay connected with Jesus.

Promise: If we are connected to Jesus we will see the promises come to pass just like the man named Simeon who was told he would not taste death until he saw the Messiah.

Warning: It’s not about what we know and it’s not about us at all. If we are focused on our own agenda we will anticipate a move of God but will miss it when it happens right before our eyes.

Application: The Jews were God’s chosen people and they were the ones carrying the promise of Messiah. For generations they anticipated his coming but when he came in obscurity they completed missed it. Those who were undignified and not looking were the first ones alerted to the birth of Jesus. We run at risk at missing the plans of God if we are caught up in our own agendas. The most “qualified” people were not in the loop and the most despised people imaginable were brought in to share in the celebration. If we are caught up in our own agenda we risk missing the obvious plan of God hidden in plain sight!

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