Grief Interrupted

Message/Application:  In John 20 I was reading about all of the grief going on with the disciples and followers of Jesus. They thought it was the end and not only were they grieving, but they were terrified of the Jews after they saw what happened with Jesus. Mary Magdalene was grieving outwardly at the site of the tomb, but the disciples were grieving secretly behind locked doors. Jesus interrupted them all in the middle of their grief and he literally met them where they were. For Mary it was at the site of the tomb when things didn’t look as they should have. She was there to anoint his body but it was missing. Jesus showed up and interrupted her grief by revealing himself. He did the same to the disciples who were locked in a room hiding and fearing for their lives. Jesus met them there also and literally interrupted their grief by walking into their personal prison and revealing himself there. Often times I find myself quietly grieving circumstances and I want to sit alone in my grief. I prayed even this morning as I tried to process through the quiet place I was drawn to stay in. Jesus interrupted my quiet grief and challenged me out of it. I’m so thankful that Jesus interrupts my grief and disappointment and meets me literally where I am at.

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