Find Me Faithful

Message: There will be signs that we will recognize when the end is close and the coming of the Lord is near. These signs will include lawlessness, wars and rumors of wars among many  others. We should recognize the signs but we are not to be alarmed by the signs or distracted by them. They are meant only as a way to measure the time.

Command: Don’t get caught up in the signs and ignore the work we are supposed to complete. Jesus cautions us to remain faithful and obedient keeping in mind that he could come at any time so we want to be found faithful and attentive when he does.

Promise: Jesus is coming back for us!

Warning:  We need to be aware of the signs, but not caught up in them. The bible cautions us that these are supposed to take place so we can’t allow them to serve as a distraction from what we’re supposed to be doing. We also can’t ignore them and allow ourselves to drift off course.

Application:  Lord Jesus, help me to recognize the times we are in so that I’m aware and anticipating your coming, but help me to stay focused on the tasks you have assigned to me so I can be found faithful when you return.

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