Fighting Against God

Message:  In Acts 5 Peter & John were on trial once again for preaching, teaching and healing in the name of Jesus. It seemed the problem was not so much that people were healed, it was that they were continuing to give the credit to Jesus and remind them that they killed him but God raised him. One of my favorite parts about this was when a well respected Pharisee spoke up and cautioned them that if this was the work of man then it would be overthrown like the rest, but if it is God they wouldn’t be able to overthrow it and may find themselves fighting against God. Reading this I thought back to where they knowingly acknowledged that they couldn’t dispute what Peter & John were saying. This means in their hearts they were still fighting for their own way against God. This seems unfathomable, yet we do it all the time! We get our own plans and desires so prominently placed in our hearts that we will knowingly fight against God for our own way. We will even try to pray for our own way in the hopes to get God in agreement with us so this gives us the misguided assumption that we aren’t in fact fighting God. Today I challenge myself to examine the wants and desires in my life and see if I have placed myself in a losing battle against God.

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