Embracing Our Status

  1. Message: In 1 Corinthians 7 Paul was talking about celibacy and marriage. It seemed he was addressing people who were on one extreme or another and because they were setting rules there was a lot of sexual immorality going on. Paul was setting the record straight that married people need to stay married and single or widowed people should stay that way as long as they have the ability to do it without struggling with sexual temptation. Otherwise they need to just get married. He acknowledged that it’s easier for a single person to serve God without distraction, but we shouldn’t leave a spouse in order to serve God without distraction. Married people need to serve God as if we were single, but also commit to the sexual needs of our spouse so that sexual immorality doesn’t creep in.
  2. Command: Serve God and don’t allow our current life situations to become a distraction from our devotion to God, but also don’t neglect the needs of a spouse.
  3. Promise: View our status as a blessing regardless of what it is, and we can have intimacy with God without distraction.
  4. Warning: Having a spouse can distract us from serving God just as easily as a sexual desire in an unmarried person can. We shouldn’t try to solve either distraction by changing our current life status.
  5. Application:  Reading this made me realize that whether people are married or single there will be a struggle. I’ve noticed that married people think about their freedom while single dream of being married. For married people the distraction is to get so caught up in the desires (or frustrations) of a spouse that our time and obedience to God is divided. For the single person the struggle may be in a desire for intimacy and partnership. We need to embrace the situation we are in and serve God as if we have no distractions while also making ourselves available for intimacy if we are married.

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