Message: This is such an important message about the Passover, but what really stood out to me most was that it mentioned a few times that the blood on their lintels was the distinguishing mark on God’s people. It is what separated them from the Egyptians. They were commanded not to eat anything with leaven in it for 7 days and it was not to be found in their homes. The description of the sacrifice was a foreshadowing of what would happen to Jesus during his crucifixion, but it also represents what he has called us to be on the other side of the cross. The blood of the sacrificial lamb was the distinguishing mark on Israel, but the blood of Jesus is the distinguishing mark on us.

Command: Live a distinguished life that marks me as separate from the rest of the world. Remove the “leaven” from my life. Just like the Israelites were commanded to remove the leaven from their homes, I am commanded to remove the sin and/or excess baggage from my life.

Promise: God promised to pass over the Israelites when the plague of death came to Egypt, just like salvation from the blood of Jesus will protect us from being punished with eternal death.

Warning: If I am concerned with trying to fit the culture I live in here, I won’t be distinguished from the world and I will look no different.

Application: This is a reminder that to live a distinguished life, it will require me to step out of the camouflage of blending in. Not the typical kind of set apart that shows up as angry rule enforcing Christians, but the distinguished mark of living a an honorable life that sets me apart. Not the kind of different that is just kind to everyone and appears moral, but the kind of distinguishing life that lives in obedience to God whether in public or in secret and in spite of what everyone else might be doing. Non negotiable obedience to God because his distinguishing mark is on my life.

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