1. Message: In Galatians 2 Paul continued to defend the original gospel first by meeting the leaders privately and eventually calling out Peter for his hypocrisy. Peter had been given a vision from God to eat the foods that were once marked as unclean by the law and to meet with Gentiles in their homes to share the gospel. These were both things that were against the Jewish law but God was showing Peter his new freedom that had come after the resurrection. While Peter was receptive to it initially, he seemed to have reverted back to the Jewish ways after influences came in and convinced them all that they couldn’t be saved unless they accepted Jesus but still followed the Mosaic law and were circumcised. They were so convincing that even Barnabus followed this. Paul was not having it and he was seeing how this was changing the gospel into something else. As I read this I can think of lots of things that we as modern day Christians have tried to add or require to being a Christian. Political affiliation is definitely one of those things but it’s certainly not the only one. As I read this I feel cautioned to examine some of my convictions and make sure they are not things that were added on by influence or guilt. I think convictions are important but just like in the church of Galatia, some of these things tie up the freedom we were intended to have and they leave us empty with religious requirements instead of a real life-changing relationship. I also see how important it is to make sure I’m not tying to push other ideas on other people that hinder their freedom and growth. Personal convictions may be good for us, but they are never to be added to the gospel.

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