Appeal to a Higher Authority

Message:  In Acts 25 Paul was passed from Felix to Festus. Neither knew what to do with him because the charges were about the law of Moses and even those couldn’t be proved. Festus asked Paul if he would like to be sent back to Jerusalem to be tried and Paul appealed to a higher power. This meant he would instead stand in front of Caesar. This is probably not the move that was expected because being tried by Caesar was more serious and probably had more serious consequences, but the Jews were out to kill Paul and were being dishonest so he knew he wasn’t safe there. By appealing to Caesar he knew the consequences were serious, but he also knew they had nothing to find him guilty for. As I read this I thought about times I have tried to have a fair argument with someone who was already bent and determined in their judgment against me. In these “stuck” moments I appeal to a higher authority. The authority of God is not to be played with. We all know that God knows all and the fact that he knows our hearts is not always to our benefit because our hearts are deceptive and his punishment is severe. But when I know I am being falsely accused this is where I know that I can appeal to the authority of God because although his judgment is severe it is also fair when people are not. I have called on him on many of these times and like Paul, I felt imprisoned still, but I felt safe in the judgment of God. What a strange and wonderful thing to say!

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