Unity Is Our Native Tongue

  1. Message: In Acts 2 the apostles were all gathered together in one place just as Jesus told them to do. The Holy Spirit filled the room and then filled them all. They began speaking in other languages as the Spirit gave them the ability. Even though they were in a room, this caused such a commotion that all of the visitors walking around in the busy city heard them all speaking in their own native languages. The responses were of both wonder and of cynicism. There are many biblical scholar arguments on whether they were actually speaking all of those human languages or whether they were speaking in a supernatural language that that caused the people to hear in their own native languages. I think it’s an interesting thing to read about, but to me the point was that all of these different nations were hearing the praises of God in their own languages for the first time ever, and this was a sign that God was no longer exclusive to just the Jews. The Gentiles were now included and invited to the table. The very last thing Jesus had said to his disciples before he ascended to heaven was “you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all of Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.” This massive event had everyone talking and it opened the door for them to begin preaching the gospel. Because of this 3000 people were saved and baptized that day.
  2. Command: We are to be witnesses to people of all nations.
  3. Promise: People will be saved and the church will grow in unity and in influence.
  4. Warning: When God moves there will be always be both wonder and cynicism.
  5. Application: I have always read this chapter and focused on the power of the Holy Spirit that baptized them and gave them power. What I really saw in this today is that God used the Holy Spirit to unite the apostles and that unity spread to everyone who heard them. The power of the Holy Spirit launched unity in communication and opened the opportunity for the preaching of the gospel because it was a bold invitation to all of the nations that they were invited in. What used to be exclusive only to the Jews was now open for everyone. Everyone walking through town felt included because they heard their own languages. They were away from home and anyone who has travelled around the world understands the comfort of hearing your own language in another land. You feel a sense of common ground and trust when someone speaks your language. What this speaks to me is that we need to allow the Holy Spirit to work through us to relate to people like only he can. He speaks the languages of the heart that we don’t understand and when people feel that communication is relatable they feel invited. This is true whether we are talking to people about salvation, or working through a problem. Holy Spirit, please communicate through me in a language that is welcoming and inclusive so that those who hear it will know they are loved, they belong and that they will respond to the invitation.

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