It’s Not What It Looks Like

  1. Message: In Exodus 7 we are anticipating the rescue of Israel. Moses and Aaron confronted Pharaoh and it didn’t go so well. Now things are even worse than they were to begin with and the people are mad at them. They don’t want anything to do with Moses and Aaron because they believe their intervention was the cause of their suffering. It certainly was, but there were much bigger factors involved that they couldn’t have known about. God was hardening the heart of Pharaoh and preparing Moses and Aaron to display the power of God in front of Pharaoh and all of Egypt. This rescue operation was much bigger than a rescue operation and it was bigger than Israel.
  2. Command: Cooperate with God’s plan!
  3. Promise: God loves other people so much that he’s willing to interrupt my miracle to help someone es
  4. Warning: It’s not what it looks like!! Things are going on in the background!
  5. Application: Reading this was both encouraging and discouraging all at the same time. We all have things we are praying for and I have some very particular things very close to my heart that I thought about as I read this. For me the challenge is to look outside of the things I’m praying for so that my focus is not so narrow. God is working on things that are bigger than me. If I can view things from a broader perspective I won’t get so stuck while I’m waiting for the miracle.

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